Public Announcment

CESAwards Rectification

We’ve been informed by several representatives of the Polish startup ecosystem about a situation arose in connection with the CESAwards National Round in Poland, regarding one of our Jury board members being a jury and a contestant of a category at the same time - and we would like to announce the following in connection with the matter:

The jury member in question - we won’t state name here in order to avoid violation of personal rights - was not judging in the category where his company was also participating as a contestant. We can assure the competition was not biased at all and we apologize for the mistake we made.

The whole competition is managed from a third party solution called Startup Includer, where we can easily set the access levels to different stakeholders and control who gets what access and we sign contracts with each and every stakeholder to assure data protection and transparency. We can prove that from our system for anyone questioning the situation.

Please note the Jury Board Members shown on our website are stated as a listing; not every Jury Board Member does their voting in all categories. Quite the contrary; in most of the cases, members are voting in selected categories depending on the given members primer insight of a given segment of the ecosystem.

If you have any objection or inquiry, please feel free to contact us at management{at}